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19th Nov, 2011 @ 17:49 EVANESCENCE...live in concert!
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...and OMG! It was amazing!

The evening started with two support acts...though the first one was so bad, I neither remember their name nor their songs *laughs* The singer was drunk and all they did was screaming into the microphone *sigh* BUT...the second support act, THE PRETTY RECKLESS, were great! Taylor Momsen (best known for her acting career in "Gossip Girl") has a surprisingly rough and strong voice for such a tiny person *lol* They really managed to warm the audience up and I was so glad to FINALLY see a GOOD support act again. It's been about time!

However, after a short break, EVANESCENCE entered the stage...and started their show with "What you want" from the latest album and immediately, the whole place was rocking out! Amy Lee sounds so great live! Almost better than on CD! Her voice is amazing and she certainly knew how to rock the stage and entertain the audience. They performed a well-balanced mix of songs from all their albums including "My Immortal" as the final song and encore - and wow...the song is live even more intense than on CD! "Going Under", "Call me when you're sober", "Bring me to life", "Sick" and "The Other Side" certainly rocked the most...but Amy playing the piano for "Lost in Paradise", "My Heart Is Broken" or "Lithium" really gives you goose bumps in the most positive way.

So far, NIGHTWISH had been my personal favourite live band (and I'm going to see them again next April...hehe...) but last night, EVANESCENCE topped them - or rather: Amy Lee did!

Everyone go and see EVANESCENCE live! It's soooo worth it!

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Date:19th November 2011 17:34 (UTC)
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OMG!!! I'm so jealous!!! I want to watch them live so bad!

I'm so glad you had such a good time and thanks for the vids!
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Date:19th November 2011 18:09 (UTC)
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The ticket for the concert was worth every cent, really :) I hope they'll be touring Greece as well so that maybe you'll get the chance to see them ^^

My Friday wasn't that great...but the concert really saved the day *g* Amy Lee just rules!
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Date:19th November 2011 19:31 (UTC)
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I am so thrilled to hear that Amy did such a great job live in concert!! I truly hope that I have the opportunity to see her one day. Both Ray and I love Evanescence!

The Other Side, My Heart is Broken, and Lost in Paradise are my favorites from the new album! The whole CD rocks - I listen to it every day either in my playlist or just an Evanescence only playlist.

So glad that you had such a good time and thanks for the report!!!
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Date:19th November 2011 21:11 (UTC)
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It truly was a great, great concert...and I was very pleased with the songs performed. It was great to hear songs from all albums :) Of course most songs were from the latest one...but then there's hardly a song by Evanescence that I do not like *laughs*

I keep my fingers crossed for you guys to get the opportunity to see them in concert one day as well. Since Amy promised to be back in Germany next year, I hope to perhaps see them once more, too... :)

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Date:19th November 2011 23:45 (UTC)
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Sounds awesome!
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Date:20th November 2011 10:27 (UTC)
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Oh, it WAS awesome :) A long and great night out...^^
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Date:23rd November 2011 17:39 (UTC)
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It was a great evening and I'm happy that you asked me to come with you. Thanks so much!!! I'm still singing the one of the songs and can't get it out of my head *lol*

If they return to the Ruhrpott next year I'll come with you again. Wanna hear Amy again. She has a wonderful voice!
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Date:23rd November 2011 18:37 (UTC)
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Honey, you are most welcome and I'm really glad you enjoyed the concert and your stay up here :) I'm still humming or singing some of the songs as well *lol*

Amy's voice indeed is wonderful and I'll let you know should Evanescence show up in this area again.
However, remember, we're in for two concerts in a row in April 2012! YAY!