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26th Jul, 2011 @ 20:20 YAY!
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I'm going to see EVANESCENCE live in concert!!! *is happy* I just bought the tickets for sheppardgirl and myself for the concert in Dusseldorf in November. It's one of only 4 concerts in Germany...and it better be good! *laughs* I've had at least one bad concert experience too much this year... *fingers crossed* The support act will be The Pretty Reckless, which is cool because their lead singer is Taylor Momsen who portrays one of th emain characters in the US TV series "Gossip Girl" - which I've seen maybe 6 episodes or so of *laughs* Ah well...their sound isn't too bad...so it's gonna be okay :)

The new EVANESCENCE album is going to be released in October according to Amy Lee...so the concert should be an interesting mix of their already known hits plus the new songs. I'm excited already... ^^
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Date:27th July 2011 02:05 (UTC)
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OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited for you!! I've never had the chance to see Evanescence myself....I wish I could go with you! I hope the concert is good and you do not suffer any bad experiences this time.

I've been looking forward to the new album too! I follow Amy on Twitter *laughs*
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Date:27th July 2011 19:02 (UTC)
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Ray said almost the same on FB *laughs* Maybe you guys should check their tourdates...perhaps they're somewhere near you?? And I sure hope this concert will be better than the last two I've been to *smirks* Can't get much worse though...

I follow Amy on FB and the first sneak previews to the new single sound pretty good already. :)

P.S.: I hope this comment get through because LJ is messing with me today *mutters*