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1st Jan, 2012 @ 22:37 HAPPY NEW YEAR!
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Team Autobot (Transformers)
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I hope that 2012 proves to be great for all of us! All the best for all of you, ladies and gentlemen!
24th Dec, 2011 @ 12:36 Merry Christmas!!
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Underworld's Erika - All I need
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...since we're celebrating Christmas Eve on the 24th over here, I wish all of you wonderful holidays and all the best for 2012! Love you, guys! *hugs flist*


19th Nov, 2011 @ 17:49 EVANESCENCE...live in concert!
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Succubus Blues
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...and OMG! It was amazing!

The evening started with two support acts...though the first one was so bad, I neither remember their name nor their songs *laughs* The singer was drunk and all they did was screaming into the microphone *sigh* BUT...the second support act, THE PRETTY RECKLESS, were great! Taylor Momsen (best known for her acting career in "Gossip Girl") has a surprisingly rough and strong voice for such a tiny person *lol* They really managed to warm the audience up and I was so glad to FINALLY see a GOOD support act again. It's been about time!

However, after a short break, EVANESCENCE entered the stage...and started their show with "What you want" from the latest album and immediately, the whole place was rocking out! Amy Lee sounds so great live! Almost better than on CD! Her voice is amazing and she certainly knew how to rock the stage and entertain the audience. They performed a well-balanced mix of songs from all their albums including "My Immortal" as the final song and encore - and wow...the song is live even more intense than on CD! "Going Under", "Call me when you're sober", "Bring me to life", "Sick" and "The Other Side" certainly rocked the most...but Amy playing the piano for "Lost in Paradise", "My Heart Is Broken" or "Lithium" really gives you goose bumps in the most positive way.

So far, NIGHTWISH had been my personal favourite live band (and I'm going to see them again next April...hehe...) but last night, EVANESCENCE topped them - or rather: Amy Lee did!

Everyone go and see EVANESCENCE live! It's soooo worth it!

A few highlights from last night under the cut...Collapse )
2nd Nov, 2011 @ 20:53 My girl is BACK!
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...and I'm soooo excited already *bounces on the chair while watching the new trailer over and over again*

Stupid Human: "...no matter how hard you fight...you won't win."
Selene: "You don't know me very well..."

*cackles* Damn right!
23rd Oct, 2011 @ 15:14 Back from Scotland...
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Highlander: The Series - Methos
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...well, sort of *laughs* I was not REALLY in Scotland (pity, really...but that is very likely to change next year anyway ^^) but it sure felt like being there for a few hours. I had tickets to the world's largest indoor Scottish music show...and it was AMAZING! They had a large castle as decoration and the narrator gave us a few lessons in Scottish history between the songs and dances. Usually, he explained the origin of the songs or dances - which was really interesting. Loved it, that one of the most famous songs, "Highland Cathedral", was actually composed by Germans? *ggg* The dances were either ancient Scottish ones, e. g. the Sword Dance, or Irish tap dances - loved them all!

Anyway, 150 drums and bagpipes playing songs like "Amazing Grace", "Scotland The Brave", "Millennium Prayer" oder "Conquest of Paradise" and "May it be" do send very pleasant chills down your spine. There were plenty of men wearing kilts in the audience, too, and I dare say that most of them actually had the legs to wear them of that *laughs*

On top of that, a national TV channel recorded last night's show...and I'll sure keep an eye on the channel's future program for I might get to see myself on TV when they air it *ggg* Oh yeah, and on the official DVD of the show... Lovely! ;-P

It was a long and wonderful evening that made us feel a bit Scottish for a while and since sheppardgirl and I plan to go to Edinburgh next summer anyway to see the Military Tattoo live, I'm sure I'll have a few "déjà-vus" of last night when doing so :)

Here's a few pictures I took (I recorded the show opening as video, too...but it's a LARGE file *laughs*)...Collapse )
8th Sep, 2011 @ 21:51 Earthquake?!
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Victoria Francés
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At first I thought I might be halluzinating...but by now I know that we just experienced a slight earthquake in this area of Germany *blinks*

It WAS very odd to feel the chair you're sitting on shake underneath you...not to mention the windows, the table...the laptop-screen etc. It was like a wave passing by. No obvious damage so far...but it's been over 15 years since the last time something like this happened. Maybe it was due to yet another old mining adit collapsing...who knows.

Strange experience, really...
18th Aug, 2011 @ 18:35 Fangirl SQUEEEEE!!!
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Underworld - Selene
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OMG! OMG! January is going to be GOOD!

My all-time favourite female vampire is BACK on the big screen. And in 3D! v--v
26th Jul, 2011 @ 20:20 YAY!
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Underworld's Erika - All I need
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I'm going to see EVANESCENCE live in concert!!! *is happy* I just bought the tickets for sheppardgirl and myself for the concert in Dusseldorf in November. It's one of only 4 concerts in Germany...and it better be good! *laughs* I've had at least one bad concert experience too much this year... *fingers crossed* The support act will be The Pretty Reckless, which is cool because their lead singer is Taylor Momsen who portrays one of th emain characters in the US TV series "Gossip Girl" - which I've seen maybe 6 episodes or so of *laughs* Ah well...their sound isn't too bad...so it's gonna be okay :)

The new EVANESCENCE album is going to be released in October according to Amy Lee...so the concert should be an interesting mix of their already known hits plus the new songs. I'm excited already... ^^
23rd Jul, 2011 @ 15:46 A new FanMix...it's Transformers time...
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Team Autobot (Transformers)
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Medium: Movies/ Bayverse
Fandom: Transformers
Subject: General
Title: Their War, Our World
Warnings: It’s loud ;) Features music from Breaking Benjamin, Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit, Nine Inch Nails and more.
Summary: A general fanmix covering all three movies…focusing on the conflict between Autobots and Decepticons. An attempt to show the POVs of the mechs (both sides) regarding the fights as well as the capture the movies’ general atmosphere.

This looks like a cool place to kick it!Collapse )
Everyone feel free to decide for themselves which song fits which Autobot/ Decepticon best :)
22nd Jul, 2011 @ 17:29 Music Show "Scotland"
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Liliana Sanches
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Heee! I just got my tickets for the music show "Scotland" *does a happy dance* This should be REALLY interesting to watch and I'm looking forward to do just that in October. Here's a lil' preview:

*gg* Doesn't look too bad, does it?

I wish you all a great weekend, dear flisters! Be good and remember to relax *winks*